Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926)

1951 7
1958 5
1963 1
1964 2
1966 4
1970 8

1978 7
1985 5
1990 1
1991 2
1993 4
1997 8

2005 7
2012 5
2017 1
2018 2
2020 4
2024 8

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…At various times between 1949 and 1951, the Duke of Edinburgh was stationed in the British Crown Colony of Malta as a serving Royal Navy officer. He and Elizabeth lived intermittently in Malta for several months at a time in the hamlet of Gwardamanġa, at Villa Guardamangia, the rented home of Philip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten. The children remained in Britain.

….During 1951, George VI’s health declined and Elizabeth frequently stood in for him at public events. When she toured Canada and visited President Harry S. Truman in Washington, D.C., in October 1951, her private secretary, Martin Charteris, carried a draft accession declaration in case the King died while she was on tour…..

…Six years later, in 1963, Macmillan resigned and advised the Queen to appoint the Earl of Home as prime minister, advice that she followed…

…Elizabeth’s pregnancies with Princes Andrew and Edward, in 1959 and 1963, mark the only times she has not performed the State Opening of the British parliament during her reign…

…Before her tour through parts of Quebec in 1964, the press reported that extremists within the Quebec separatist movement were plotting Elizabeth’s assassination…

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex Birth 10 March 1964

…Her first royal walkabout, meeting ordinary members of the public, took place during a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1970

…In 1978, the Queen endured a state visit to the United Kingdom by Romania’s communist dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, and his wife, Elena,though privately she thought they had “blood on their hands”…

…By the start of 1991, republican feeling in Britain had risen because of press estimates of the Queen’s private wealth – which were contradicted by the Palace – and reports of affairs and strained marriages among her extended family.[124] The involvement of younger members of the royal family in the charity game show It’s a Royal Knockout was ridiculed,[125] and the Queen was the target of satire.[126]

In 1991, in the wake of coalition victory in the Gulf War, the Queen became the first British monarch to address a joint meeting of the United States Congress…

Two days later, the Prime Minister, John Major, announced reforms to the royal finances planned since the previous year, including the Queen paying income tax from 1993 onwards, and a reduction in the civil list…

…In August 1997, a year after the divorce, Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.

…In November 1997, the Queen and her husband held a reception at Banqueting House to mark their golden wedding anniversary…

9 April 2005 Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Marriage Camilla Parker Bowles

…Her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 marked 60 years on the throne, and celebrations were held throughout her realms, the wider Commonwealth, and beyond…

The Queen, who opened the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, also opened the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London….

In 2017 she became the first British monarch to commemorate a Sapphire Jubilee…

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